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Find An Accountant

Find an Accountant

Many companies just end up with an accountant rather than choosing one specific to the business. Why?  With what is an important external service, you need an accountant tailored to what you do, the size you are and industry you're in, or specialised in the project you need.  Search, Compare and Choose from our panel and refine down to what you want from an accountant.

Our accountancy experts can help with a variety of services including outsourced payroll, tax returns/self assessments, annual/monthly accounts, umbrella services, online accountancy software (including Xero and Sage), forecasting and more.

Find A Bookkeeper

Find a Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers are vital to any business to organise and track your income and expenses. This allows you to budget and review your costs faster and in a stress-free manner.

Bookkeepers are especially important for the smooth running of start-ups and SMEs.

Our trusted bookkeepers are ready to help you with your expenses and income, payroll, receipts, invoices, bills and chasing for payments.

Find A Tax Relief Specialist

Find a Tax Relief Specialist

Would your business like to save money?

Our trusted tax relief specialists can help you with this.

We have research and development (R&D) tax relief specialists and capital allowances specialists on hand to determine whether you're eligible to claim and help you to do this.

Unfortunately, many UK small businesses don't even realise they're eligible for this vital tax relief and could be missing out on thousands of pounds. Are you one of them?

How To Compare Accountants

How to Compare

We believe that every business is different and that finding the right accountant, bookkeeper or tax relief specialist for YOUR business is essential. We have made it easy for you to compare trusted experts in one place.


Our platform uses filters, allowing you to find an accountant, bookkeeper or tax relief specialist that;

-You can meet face to face or virtually

-Is skilled in the services your business needs them for

-Has experience in your specific industry


The Directors Choice is completely FREE for you to use and enquire with the right expert, and you can find your results within seconds - no personal information required.


  • We firmly believe that every business is different and needs a different expert to suit their needs. The Directors Choice only work with trusted experts that can provide you with quality service.

    -We have an ever growing panel of accountants ranging from Bookkeepers to large specialist firms

    -Over time more and more reviews will be added by directors like you

    -Refine by industry, specialised area, even size of firm to pick your ideal firm for your business

  • The work of a bookkeeper and an accountant overlap.

    Bookkeeping comes first and it focuses on recording and organising a businesses financial data.

    Accounting comes second and focuses on the interpretation and presentation of that data. Accountants are generally more qualified to give advice on tax matters than a bookkeeper.


  • An accountant can also be considered as a bookkeeper, as some accountancy practices may be able to help with bookkeeping.

    However, a bookkeeper cannot be considered an accountant without proper certification.

  • This depends on the skills and tasks your business needs completing. Consider this when choosing if you need an accountant, bookkeeper or someone who can do both. Below are some skills of an accountant and bookkeeper.

    A bookkeeper can record financial transactions, create invoices, manage payroll and balance the books.

    An accountant can audit accounts, provide financial advice and manage the accounting processes.

  • A small business may need a general accountancy package which would include:

    - Annual accounts

    - Bookkeeping

    - Corporation tax returns

    - Your personal tax return

    - Monthly & annual payroll returns

    - Quarterly VAT returns

    - Advice on tax avoidance legislation (IR35)

    - Daily advice

    - Suggesting ways your business could save

  • R&D Tax Relief may reduce company tax bills for businesses that spend money developing new products, processes or services - or even improving existing ones.

    Your business could be eligible for an R&D Tax Relief claim, which can come in either a cash payment and/or a reduced Corporation Tax bill.

  • Research and development to improve an industry (such as cosmetics, cyber security, manufacturing, waste management, food & drink).


    These projects do not need to be laboratory-based. You could claim for projects such as;

    - testing different materials to improve or find a solution (e.g. on a construction site or in manufacturing)

    - designing and making products or bespoke materials

    - moving a legacy system (old method, technology computer system or application programme) onto the cloud


    Qualifying costs in your R&D claim include:

    - Staff costs

    - Agency workers

    - Subcontractors

    - Software license costs

    - Utilities


    You can also claim for 'failed' products.

  • To be eligible for R&D tax relief, your business needs to complete a project. The project may research and develop a new process, product, service or improve an existing one.

    The project must be innovative and in science and technology.

    To claim, you must be able to explain how that project:

    - looked for an advance in science and technology

    - had to overcome uncertainty

    - tried to overcome this uncertainty

    - could not be easily worked out by a professional in the field


    One of our trusted R&D Tax Relief Specialists will be able to determine your eligibility and get maximum savings for you and your business.

  • In a business, 'capital expenditure' is usually items that provide a benefit for trade. This is not deductible from trading profits, so businesses can get tax relief - Capital Allowances.

    You can claim Capital Allowances on plant and machinery, such as:

    - Equipment

    - Machinery

    - Business vehicles (e.g. vans, lorries, business cars)

  • Most eligible businesses are unaware that they can claim Capital Allowances.

    Some examples of what you can claim for include:

    - Costs of demolishing plant and machinery

    - Integral parts of a building (lifts, escalators, air-conditioning, electrical systems, etc.)

    - Some fixtures (fitted kitchens, bathroom suites, fire alarms, CCTV systems, etc.)

    - Alterations to a building to install plant and machinery (but not building repairs)


    Speak to a Capital Allowances specialists to determine if you're eligible and get the maximum claim for your business.

  • Patent Box Tax Relief is administered by HMRC and rewards innovative companies in the UK.

    Patent Box reduces corporation tax on profits for companies that keep their Intellectual Property (IP) within the UK.

    Many businesses think their IP isn't patentable, or that the process of patenting is too expensive. Patent Box aims to overcome these misconceptions and the tax relief scheme could potentially cover any patent costs.

  • To be eligible for Patent Box Tax Relief, your company must:

    - be liable to pay Corporation Tax

    - be making profit from commercially exploited patented innovations

    - own qualifying patents or exclusive rights to those patents


    You don't need to own the patents to qualify for Patent Box Tax Relief. You may hold a patent and license your technology to pass to others - which they develop. Meaning, you can still qualify despite not being that patent holder.

    A patent can only qualify for the scheme if the UK Intellectual Property Office, European Patent Office, or specific EEA countries grant it. Patents granted by French, Spanish, Italian, US, and Japanese offices are excluded from the scheme.

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Our Accountants, Bookkeepers and Tax Relief Specialists

Does your business need an accountant or bookkeeper? Or perhaps you're looking into Research and Development Tax Relief or Capital Allowances. Whatever your business needs, we have an expert ready to help you.

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