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All companies at some point need funding or finance of some sort.  Finding and researching what is out there can be time consuming with no guarantee you will find what you need. That’s why we have made it simple for you to pinpoint what you need and choose from accredited, verified firms - ranging from lenders to trusted broker that cover the more complex areas of business funding, including asset finance, loans, and bridging finance.

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Our free platform matches you with lenders and brokers in under 60 seconds, rating them by most suitable. Simply answer these quick questions and enquire with your chosen funding provider.

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Our Funding Experts

Accurate and timely information is crucial for business owners who want to make the right decision when it comes to their funding needs. Covering a range of funding solutions, including business loans, invoice finance, asset finance and bridging finance, our experienced and highly trusted lenders and brokers are here to support your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We eliminate the difficulty of finding the funding options you may need by using our fast and unique comparison platform. All of our lenders and brokers are trusted and verified, ensuring you are only matched with the best choice of funders.

    Our search results are completely unbiased, only favouring you. That means it's totally up to you who you choose to be your funder, not us.

  • A broker does not lend the money, they search the market of lenders to present you with the best funding options for your business, and help with the application.

    A lender deals with you directly and provides the funds to you without any other parties being involved in the process.

  • Using The Directors Choice platform and enquiring with a funder will not affect your credit score. In most cases, a credit search will only be performed if you proceed with the lenders full application.

  • This depends on each individual businesses needs and what you're looking to do, i.e. instant cash injection, bridging a gap or helping your business to grow. All our funders have years of experience, ensuring you will always receive the correct funding option for you.

    Even if you're unsure, enquire with one of our funders to be pointed in the right direction, or look at our useful information around business funding with our search bar.

  • Yes, you need to file your accounts before applying for funding as your application will be rejected.