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With The Directors Choice, you can compare business energy prices with more than 20 energy companies, ensuring you get the best deal for you, completely unbiased.

Our energy experts will negotiate the best deals for you and assist with the process of switching energy suppliers.

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Enquire Now to Start Saving

Enquire Now to Start Saving

Switch Your Business Energy Supplier in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

We gather basic details about your business based on your recent energy bills and provide an analysis within 24 hours.


Step 2

After this, we work with our collection of energy suppliers to negotiate the best prices for you.


Step 3

Finally, you select the best option for you and we arrange the contracts and process.

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The Government Energy Relief Scheme

The UK Government are acting to support business owners that are facing extreme energy price rises.

Get in touch to understand how it can help your business.

Enquire Now to Start Saving


  • Unlike domestic energy, there is no price cap on business energy.

    However, the UK government have introduced the Energy Price Relief Scheme which gives businesses discounted energy rates for 6 months, from 1st October 2022.

    To find out more, please complete our enquiry form and we would be happy to run through this.

  • All you need to provide us with is your name, postcode, email address and phone number to begin comparing business energy suppliers. Simply fill in our enquiry form to begin.

    It is not essential, but if you have the name of your current energy supplier and your current energy bill/usage to hand, this helps us find the best deals. You can still find cheaper tariffs without this information.

  • The cheapest supplier for your business depends on your address and how much energy you use. Therefore, what is cheaper for one business may not be cheaper for the other.

    This highlights the importance of comparing energy suppliers to find the cheapest for your business.

  • There are a variety of ways to make your business more energy efficient to save money on your bills.

    You could switch off lights, computers and other equipment overnight if they are not being used, switch to energy efficient light bulbs or ensure your walls are properly insulated to retain heat.

  • No.

    The process of switching business energy suppliers is rather straightforward, meaning you shouldn't face any disruption. Your new energy supplier should use the same pipes and cables as your old supplier.

  • It is imperative you choose an energy plan carefully to ensure it is the right tariff for your business.

    You should consider how much energy you use, the type of fuels you need and how much you wish to pay. Plans can range in price, but you shouldn't be paying for something you don't use.

    We can support you when it comes to picking the right energy plan for your business, speak with us today.

  • There are a few differences between the two.

    Businesses choose a supplier for a set period of time, which can be up to 4 years. Businesses are charged a set price for this period, agreed in a contract.

    Domestic energy are usually rolling contracts, so there is no end date.

  • One of the easiest ways of finding out when your current business energy contract ends is to check your latest bill from your current supplier.

    If your business energy contract is due to run out soon, contact us to find the best deals.

    Don't worry if your contract is not due for renewal, as we can provide a 'sense check' and have your current situation compared against the market.

  • When moving to a new business premises, your business energy contract will either be transferred to the new address or cancelled.

    If your energy contract is cancelled, it is vital you get a new deal, as you will be on an expensive 'deemed rates' contract with the property's existing supplier.

  • If you're using a deemed contract you need to switch energy suppliers fast.

    Deemed contracts are used by suppliers for businesses that have reached the end of their contract without switching or renewing their energy contract.

    The rates on deemed contracts are usually the highest and least competitive in the energy market. Meaning that you will be overpaying on your energy bill. Switch to a new deal BEFORE your current contract ends.

  • Switching your business energy suppliers can take longer than switching domestic suppliers, averaging 4 to 6 weeks. However, this is influenced by your address, your current energy agreement and other factors.

    Switching energy suppliers can be easy and stress-free, but you need to make arrangements with your NEW supplier early to ensure there is no crossover period where your company is moved onto a deemed rate.

  • Yes. You must tell your current supplier that you are switching, which can be done directly.

    Or, your comparison company/third-party intermediary can do it for you - but you will need to sign and supply a Letter of Authority (LoA).

  • Using a third party can be very helpful when looking to switch your business energy supplier. However, if they are to inform your current supplier that you are switching, you need to sign and provide a LoA.

    A LoA is a legal document which allows a broker to purchase energy and speak with a supplier on your behalf. It allows your current supplier to cancel your existing energy tariff.

  • Business energy contracts can be fixed from 1 month to 4 years. Longer fixed-term contracts tend to have the best rates and deals. It is worth noting that if rates fall you will still have to pay your agreed rate if you have fixed your contract for a longer period.